Laser therapy is the use of near infrared (NIR) laser light to stimulate the mitochondria of the body's cells to increase production of ATP (adenosine Triphosphate), the energy-carrying part in our cells. Boosting the production of ATP through laser therapy has been shown to treat common concerns, such as reducing pain and inflammation. Laser therapy promotes the natural healing of the body in a safe, non-invasive procedure that is an alternative to pain-reducing drugs.

Light therapy is also proven to increase mental clarity and energy, improve mood, and even skin tone. Results are often typically faster than many other therapeutic options. Patients often report signs of improvement after the first or second treatment.

Here are Wellness Rediscovered we have two options for Red Light Therapy. The TheraLight 360 Bed and the APEX Tri-Wave Laser.

TheraLight 360 Bed

Superior results in a fraction of the time.
There is a simple reason why we call it the TheraLight 360-because it delivers true full-body Redlight Therapy from every angle. It delivers maximum tissue saturation-regardless of skin color or body type- in one fourth of the time needed for most open bed devices. There are many reasons why you may be experiencing pain, the TheraLight 360 addresses nearly all of them. This is one of the most effective drug free and pain free therapies that decreases inflammation while increasing blood flow often resulting in almost immediate pain relief.

APEX Tri-Wave Laser

The Apex Tri-Wave Laser Series is the world's first and only laser device of its kind. Featuring three therapeutic wavelengths of 810nm, 980nm, and 1064nm, this unique system is changing the way we treat pain and injuries. We are able to adjust the machine to treat the patient's specific needs for maximum results in only a few minutes. Sessions are about 15 minutes and many patients feel almost immediate relief.